Business Law Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

Starting a Business : Formation

Hiring a business attorney is crucial to starting a successful business. The Grover Law Firm will help from the planning stage of your business by evaluating the potential liability associated with your particular business and help structure your business as a corporation or limited liability company to protect you from any potential personal liability. There are some important areas that you should understand before you make the leap of becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Contracts
  • Incorporation
  • S-Corp Election

Business Acquisitions

Some of the most important decisions in buying or selling a business are made in the early stages that affect the entire merger and acquisition process. This initial buying or selling process includes the amount and form of the purchase price, the net financial benefit to the seller and buyer, drafting the letter of intent (LOI), and negotiating and drafting the details of the final sale contract. Both buying and selling parties would benefit from hiring an attorney to quarterback the process.

“Pay attention to the fine print. It’s far more important than the selling price!”

– Frank Underwood