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Understanding Kansas PIP Coverage

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According to Statista, there were over two million licensed drivers in Kansas in 2020. In the state of Kansas, all motorists are required to have a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance policy. PIP insurance will cover various expenses—including medical bills and lost wages—suffered by an accident victim, up to the coverage limit, regardless of the at-fault party. An experienced Kansas personal injury attorney can enlighten you about how PIP coverage works in the state.

With more than 21 years of extensive experience, Attorney Mark Grover has the diligence and resources to assist and represent clients in their personal injury cases. Attorney Grover and his trusted legal team are available to help you understand how PIP coverage works, the cost of PIP coverage, and what it covers. Additionally, Grover Law Firm, LLC can help determine your eligibility and guide you through the personal injury claims process.

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What is PIP Coverage?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage is a type of insurance policy in Kansas that provides benefits to accident victims, regardless of who is at fault for the accident or injury. The personal injury protection policy will cover medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and other accident-related financial losses suffered by the victim, up to the coverage limit. PIP coverage is also referred to as “no-fault” insurance coverage.

What Does Kansas PIP Cover?

PIP coverage in Kansas provides the following minimum benefits:

Medical Benefits

  • $4,500 per individual for medical expenses
  • $4,500 for rehabilitation expenses

Lost Income Benefits

  • $900 per month for wage loss (up to 12 months) or $10,800 annually
  • $25 per day to pay for someone’s help around the house (up to 365 days or $9,125 total)

Death Benefits

  • $2,000 for burial, funeral, or cremation expenses

An experienced Kansas car accident lawyer can enlighten you about what PIP insurance policy covers—or doesn’t cover—and help you seek the financial compensation you deserve.

What Kansas PIP Does Not Cover

As mentioned earlier, the PIP policy pays for expenses incurred due to your injuries from the auto accident. However, PIP does not cover the following:

  • Property damage
  • Vehicle damage or repair
  • Injuries sustained by people outside your vehicle
  • Non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, mental anguish, and more

A knowledgeable attorney can explore your options to pursue damages and help determine your eligibility for PIP benefits.

Who is Eligible?

Your Personal Injury Protection policy in Kansas covers the following individuals:

  • You (the policyholder)
  • Your family members who are living in your home
  • Passengers in your car when the accident occurred—provided that they do not have a PIP policy or PIP benefits from their family member’s coverage

Keep in mind that the amount of PIP benefits you may be able to recover after an injury will depend on the amount of coverage you select.

Cost for PIP in Kansas

Furthermore, the cost for a PIP policy in Kansas usually varies, depending on the coverage amount you choose. The legal minimum for medical coverage in Kansas is $4,500. This is estimated to cost between $2 and $3 monthly.

How to File a Claim

When involved in any kind of accident in Kansas, you may be eligible to file a personal injury protection claim. Be sure to notify your insurance provider about the incident as soon as you can. Also, you must file your PIP claim within two years from the date of the accident or injury. An experienced personal injury attorney can help file your PIP claim, handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance companies involved, or take additional legal action where applicable.

Turn to a Skilled Attorney for Legal Assistance

Dealing with the injuries and ramifications of an accident can be difficult and overwhelming. Thankfully, Kansas personal injury laws allow injury victims to pursue damages for their injuries—regardless of the at-fault party—by seeking PIP benefits. A skilled personal injury attorney can advocate for your best interests and help you pursue the rightful compensation for your injuries.

Grover Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to offering compassionate representation, support, and personalized legal guidance to clients in their personal injury cases. As your legal counsel, Attorney Mark Grover can evaluate and investigate all of the facts of your case and explore your possible legal options to seek damages. Attorney Grover can assess the extent of your injuries, help pursue your PIP benefits, and decide whether to file a lawsuit against the liable party.

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