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What Is Lane Splitting and Is It Legal?

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The weather is warm, and the roads are clear. It is the perfect time to get your motorcycle out and hit the road. Before you ride, or do anything else to prepare, you should read up on the local rules. One rule that varies by state, and comes up often, is lane splitting.

What is Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist drives between the two lanes of traffic going the same direction, riding the white line. So, lane splitting is also referred to as white lining, and sometimes filtering (although, filtering is also more specifically used to describe a motorcycle weaving from lane to lane).

Is it Legal?


No. Lane splitting is not legal in Kansas. However, Kansas does allow two motorcycles to ride side by side in one single lane of traffic, which is called lane sharing.


It is not clear in Missouri. Lane splitting is not explicitly prohibited by state law. However, lane splitting is also not authorized in Missouri.

Despite the previous paragraph, lane splitting is looked down on. We do not advise lane splitting for safety reasons, but also because law enforcement might immediately assume you are the at-fault party in a crash. Motorcycle lane sharing is permitted in Missouri.

Ride Carefully.

Keep these rules in mind, and always check for changes. Check the states in which you plan to travel. Ride carefully. If you find yourself in an accident on your motorcycle, called Mark Grover at 913-432-1000 to set up your free consultation.

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