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It’s Officially Summer – That Means it’s Boating Season.

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Now that Memorial Day is over, it is officially summer! That means it is time to get out on the water and start boating again! Knowing the risks of boating accidents, and how to avoid them, can help you be a safe driver or passenger this summer.

Many of us love to spend time during this season out on the lake with our family and friends. Hanging out on the lake, grilling out, and boating can be a lot of fun. Boating, however, can be very dangerous if everyone involved is not careful.

There are many causes of boating accidents. Some common causes include operating the boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, being careless, having low visibility, overloading your boat, or experiencing bad weather.


As a result of your boating accident, you could have damage to you dock or expensive boat. Or you could be facing much more severe and devasting results after your boating accident: someone could slip and fall, drown, or be hit by a boat and either suffer serious bodily injury or die.


If you are the boat operator, you have a duty to your passengers and other people on the water to drive your boat or jet ski with reasonable care regarding safety and following federal and local rules. If someone breaches this duty, and you are injured, you need an injury lawyer to protect your rights.


With all of these dangers in mind, here are some tips so you can try to avoid any boating accident this weekend.

Never operate a watercraft under the influence. Drinking or taking drugs can dramatically alter your state of consciousness and slow down your decision-making abilities.

Avoid distractions. Rowdy passengers or texting are two common distractions.

Know the local and federal rules of operating a watercraft.

Supply your boat with all the necessary safety equipment. Every passenger should have a life jacket, and you will want to have extra throwable floatation devices. Pack a fire extinguisher that easily accessible. Pack a whistle and a visual distress signal to notify others around you of an emergency. Have a first aid kit. Pack some oars or paddles. Tell your passengers where to find all this equipment. Double check your local rules for what safety equipment you are required to have aboard.

From sunset to sunrise, you must use proper navigational lights when you are moving on the water.

Complete an accredited boater safety course.

Regularly service your watercraft and make sure it is maintained. Register your watercraft so you know when it is being recalled by the manufacturer.

Operate your boat or jet ski at a reasonable speed. It only takes hitting one small wave at high speed to create a catastrophe.

Keep a safe distance between you and other boats, people, and objects. Trying to stop a boat is nearly impossible; it is nothing like braking a car on the road.


If you find yourself in a boating accident or injured, hiring an attorney will be beneficial for you. This is a complex legal issue, and you might be able to be compensated for your losses or injuries. Call an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

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