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Premises Liability

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A premises liability accident that occur on another’s property due to negligence in maintaining and repairing hazardous areas of the property.

Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are a form of premises liability accident that occur on another’s property due to negligence in maintaining and repairing hazardous areas of the property. It is quite easy to slip and fall on an uneven walkway, a wet floor or a poorly lit stairwell. When the property owner fails to follow through with repairs in a timely fashion, fails to put up a sign warning of potential danger or fails to properly inspect their property for potentially hazardous situations, this may mean that you can bring about a personal injury claim in order to get compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Slipping, tripping and falling can often lead to very severe and permanent injuries. However, these types of premises liability claims are often difficult to prove. Although the general belief is that a property owner is automatically liable for harm occurring on their property, these types of claims involve a variety of complex legal issues. In fact, these claims may be the most difficult of all to pursue and win.

Simply being injured while on another person’s property does not make that person or property owner liable for your injuries. You must prove negligence, meaning that the owner failed to provide or maintain a safe premises, created hazardous conditions on the property, and failed to eliminate hazards.

Since premises liability and slip and fall claims involve complicated laws and legal issues, the first and most important step is to contact an experienced premises liability attorney. A thorough and quick investigation must be conducted and eyewitnesses must be contacted prior to any alteration or modification of the dangerous area. You should contact a lawyer as soon as is reasonably possible.

There are many hazardous or unsafe conditions that may contribute to a slip and fall accident, including: spilled liquids; inadequate security or lighting; broken handrails on porches or stairs; collapsing floors, walls or roofs; falling objects; uneven pavement, sidewalks or curbs; holes in parking lots; algae on sidewalks; cracked sidewalks; other hazardous property conditions that violate building codes; loose carpeting; icy walkways; construction defects; broken or uneven stairs; wet or slippery floors; swimming pool safety neglect.

Common injuries that will arise from a slip and fall include: back injuries; fractures and broken bones; spinal injuries; bruising and soreness; cuts and abrasions; injuries that require surgery; wrist, neck, foot or back sprains; whiplash; soft tissue damage.

Negligent Security

Negligent security is often associated with poor security at establishments such as office buildings, apartment complexes, nightclubs, and others businesses that cater to customers or people who live or work on the premises, negligent security can easily lead to disastrous injury and irreparable damages. Even with the most stringent security measures in place, some acts of violence at stores or businesses may not be preventable, however, by implementing proven security measures, some attacks may be discouraged. Owners of public places with a history of safety problems have a duty to provide a reasonable level of security to visitors to deter future crimes. If you were injured in an attack or assault by a third party on someone else’s land or premises, you should consult an experienced negligent security attorney as soon as possible about your available legal remedies.