Premises Liability

A premises liability accident that occur on another’s property due to negligence in maintaining and repairing hazardous areas of the property.


Dram Shop Liability

Historically, the term “Dram Shop” refers to any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages.  The term is still used today in the context of “Dram Shop Liability” which is the body of laws governing establishments like bars and restaurants.


Motorcycle Injuries and Liabilities

As the weather starts to get warmer, the urge to take your motorcycle out for a ride might be getting stronger. Motorcycles are a unique beast in the way our traffic system treats them; some states such as Missouri require drivers to wear protective gear like helmets, while other states, like Kansas, do not.


Super Bowl Sunday, Avoid Party Fouls

This Sunday, as you enjoy the smorgasbord of finger-foods and drinks and try to keep track of how many times Peyton Manning yells “Omaha,” remember that the worst way to ruin a great Super Bowl party is to be sacked with a DUI.