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Overland Park and the Kansas City area are popular locations for motorcyclists to travel. Motorcycles can be a fun and efficient way to travel, but sometimes a dangerous one. There is a large number of riders on the roads and this number is growing. Unfortunately, the number of motorcycle accidents is also growing. When a motorcyclist gets into an accident, he or she does not have the same protection as other drivers like airbags and a steel frame.

In an accident where other drivers could walk away with some property damage, a motorcyclist can suffer severe injuries that cause both physical pain and financial stress.

Causes and Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Although you may be a safe and responsible rider, the irresponsible behavior of other drivers could still put you in danger. These behaviors can include texting, failure to signal, drunk driving, or even putting on makeup. Motorcycle accidents can happen in several ways. These include getting side-swiped when a driver changes lanes, getting T-boned when crossing an intersection, getting rear-ended when stopped at an intersection, rear-ending another car when the driver slams the brakes, getting hit when making a left turn, or even a head-on collision. These motorcycle accidents can cause many different and even life-threatening injuries.

Frequent Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

  • Driver Changes Lanes

  • T-boned

  • Rear-ended

  • Distracted Driving

  • Head-on Collision

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will try to avoid paying you or pay you as little as possible. To make it worse, insurance companies often treat bikers worse than other drivers due to stereotypes or biases against bikers even though you did nothing wrong. If insurance companies reach out to you to get your statements or to have you sign any documents, don’t do it. Make them talk to your motorcycle accident lawyer instead.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are in a motorcycle accident, you should call a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Getting compensated for your injuries and damages can be a long and complicated process. Insurance companies and their lawyers will use every legal technicality to prevent you from getting your money. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer knows how the law works and how to use the law to make insurance companies pay.

The sooner you get a motorcycle accident lawyer, the sooner the lawyer can start investigating the accident and gathering the evidence needed to get you, your money. After that, your motorcycle accident lawyer can reach out to the insurance company to negotiate a fair payout. If the insurance company refuses to pay an acceptable amount and fairly compensate you for your time, loss of enjoyment of life and injuries, your lawyer can sue the insurance company on your behalf. Mark Grover is Overland Park’s award-winning motorcycle accident lawyer. He has more than a decade of experience fighting insurance companies and helping injured clients get the money they deserve.