Before you just pay your traffic ticket to “get it over with,” make sure you know the full scope of consequences that a traffic conviction on your record can cause. Attorney Mark Grover will defend traffic citations, suspended license charges, hit and run investigations, and more. He will appear in traffic court with you and sometimes, for you. It is important to deal with traffic tickets quickly, so give him a call right away!

Common Unsafe Behavior on The Road:

  • Entering an intersection just as the light turned from yellow to red

  • Rolling stops at stop signs

  • Making angry, insulting, or obscene gestures towards another driver

  • Cutting in front of other drivers

Traffic Tickets

Although it usually seems a lot easier to just pay a traffic ticket and be done with it, that is not typically the end of the issue. Let us explain to you some of the future repercussions that can occur and why you may save money by taking the issue to court instead of just paying outright.

Traffic tickets can be much more costly than the initial inconvenience of the fine. A traffic ticket can add points to your driving record, which could lead to the eventual suspension of your driver’s license and could also cause your insurance rates to skyrocket.

Speeding Tickets

It Pays to Fight Speeding Tickets

A recent MSN Money article advises that it pays to fight a speeding ticket. Getting even one speeding ticket, much less two, can cause a dramatic spike in your insurance rates sometimes doubling and even tripling those rates — and jeopardize your ability to get preferred insurance rates.

Your first reaction might be to just pay the fine to “get it over with,” but doing so can have unintended consequences. Paying your ticket is the same as pleading guilty to the speeding offense. And a conviction for speeding can have impacts on your driver’s license and insurance rates. For example, if you receive three speeding convictions within the period of three years, your license can be suspended, and your insurance rates can skyrocket. Some cities allow traffic tickets to be amended or diverted and others do not. Talking with an attorney will help you know your options before you venture into traffic court alone.