Insurance Company Tatics

Be careful, the objective of the adjuster is to get you make statements that may hurt your case later on. For example, you may have broken your wrist and hurt your neck in an accident, but the day after the crash, when the insurance adjuster calls you, the only thing that is bothering you is your broken wrist. Later, after you have stopped taking the pain medications that they gave you at the hospital for your wrist, you realize that your wrist will heal, but your neck may not. It is also common for the adjuster to take statements from people who have been prescribed heavy pain medications and who are not thinking clearly. Later on the insurance company will use this recorded statement or notes taken by the adjuster to cast doubt on your neck injury claim (or whatever other legitimate injury was caused by the accident).

Tips for WHEN the Insurance Company Calls :


  • Be Verbally Cautious
  • Hire an Attorney
  • Do NOT sign ANY Forms
  • Delays to Wear You Down
  • Surveilling Your Day to Day
  • The are NOT Your Friend
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