Snow Day! – Do I Have to Shovel the Sidewalk?

Many kids around the KC metro are waking up to those glorious words: “Snow Day”. Meanwhile, property owners around the area are looking out their windows in dread. Shoveling and salting sidewalks is not a task for the faint of heart or the short of breath.

But what would happen if you, as many are tempted to do, simply decided not to deal with the snow and left your driveway and sidewalks nice and icy? Would anyone care?

Well if you’re a business owner, yes. In fact, you could be liable for any slip and fall injury sustained by an individual who entered your premises. Failure to reasonably prevent slippery situations from happening could be found by the courts to be a breach of your duty as the owner of a public business.

As a private homeowner, luckily, you don’t have nearly as high of an expectation of people entering your property, so your liability is significantly reduced compared to a business owner, however your liability isn’t completely extinguished. Furthermore, the snow and ice on a day like today is an obvious danger and a person of average intelligence should know to proceed with caution. Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to protect people from their own stupidity.

The kind of law involved in this case is called premises liability. This body of law holds landowners responsible for certain injuries that are suffered by persons while on their premises.

As a matter of policy, it encourages landowners to be responsible for the safety of their guests. Classically, these cases are classified as “slip and fall” cases; quite literally and appropriately applied to a slippery, snowy walkway.

With area schools closing their doors today, attention turns to the treacherous driving conditions outside. But don’t forget about the dangerous conditions outside, period. With temperatures well below freezing, and wind-chills well below zero, even minimal exposure can be dangerous. So while your kids may want to play in the snow on this snow day, make sure their skin is not exposed to the elements, and give them short increments of outdoor play time.

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Kansas Social Host Liability

Kansas is one of eight states that does not have any Dram Shop Liability law. So vendors are not civilly liable for anything the alcohol that they serve provokes their guests to do. Kansas does have a criminal statute prohibiting the service of alcohol to minors on one’s land.  And the State can prosecute someone for violating this statute, which will result in a moderate fine and possible jail time.

Kansas courts, like Missouri, have also held that though they have a statute criminalizing the service of alcohol to intoxicated or minor persons, there is no civil cause of action, or grounds on which to sue, for victims against the social host.

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