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Potential Long-Term Consequences of a DUI Conviction

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A DUI conviction of course has consequences, however, there are often unforeseen consequences and long-term repercussions for those who find themselves with a DUI conviction. Court and other legal fees, fines, increased insurance premiums, and potentially jail time are some of the consequences often associated with a DUI conviction. In addition to these ramifications, long-term repercussions can be even more daunting and difficult to live with.

Revocation of Your Driver’s License

If you are convicted of a DUI, whether it is your first attempt or not, it is likely that your driver’s license will be revoked. This revocation, depending on the circumstances, can sometimes last up to two years. This obviously makes it difficult for those who need to drive to work, and particularly for those who drive for a living. Additionally, for those who need to drive their children or other family members places will experience difficulties. Furthermore, even if you don’t need your license for work, any errand you may need to run such as getting groceries, doing your laundry, or making it to any court appearances will require you to find another mode of transportation. This can all become very stressful very quickly and make getting around a real struggle.

Loss of Employment

Not only may a person convicted of a DUI lose their job because they were unable to get to work (due to the loss of their driver’s license), potential employers will conduct background checks where they will be able to see that you have a DUI on your record and could very well be the thing that prevents you from getting hired. Additionally, may employers will fire an employee if they are convicted of a crime whilst working for the employer. Employers may have this authority contained within a clause in your employee contract or possibly within an employee handbook. Obviously being fired from your job or difficulty obtaining a job is quite an obstacle for people and their families which in and of itself can create many unforeseen consequences.

Failing Background Checks

Of course many employers will conduct background checks to which those with a DUI conviction will fail. Additionally, background checks are often conducted for those attempting to lease an apartment, take out a loan, apply to college or graduate programs, adopt a child, and many other circumstances that you will fail with a DUI conviction on your record.

Increased Car Insurance Rates or Loss of Auto Insurance

Although it is quite standard and fairly well known that a DUI conviction will result in an increase in car insurance rates, people often underestimate the amount of increase in their rates. After a DUI conviction, car insurance companies consider those convicted as a considerably higher risk than other drivers. Due to the risk a DUI convicted driver imposes on insurance companies, costs can increase to ten thousand dollars a year and sometimes more depending on the circumstances. Furthermore, some insurance companies may quit providing you with auto insurance due to your conviction, and finding another company to insure you will be difficult.

Difficulty in Personal and Professional Relationships

A court may contact your employer to inform them of your DUI conviction. Additionally, the conviction may be covered by local news—informing friends, family, employers, and other people in your life of the conviction. This can result in many issues for people including lowering of people’s opinions of you, deterioration of your reputation, people concerned about and for you, fallouts, as well as many other difficulties that may arise.

An Attorney Can Help Navigate

If you have been charged with a DUI, your next best step is to let an experienced attorney handle the stress that comes with trying to navigate the charge and to help you with any long-term consequences that may arise. While some consequences can simply not be prevented, finding an experienced defense attorney to help you navigate this complex process and to be by your side can aid you when it comes to penalties. Call Mark Grover with the Grover Law Firm at 913-432-1000 to set up your free consultation.

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