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How to Avoid Distraction on The Road

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There’s more to staying safe on the road than not texting, though there’s no doubt that keeping your hands on the wheel is imperative to being a responsible driver. Here are our tips on how to stay safe on the road.

Don’t Drive if You’re Impaired

If you’re going to be drinking, make arrangements so you don’t have to drive. Whether that’s selecting someone to be the designated driver or planning for taxi service, make the decision beforehand so you’re not tempted to drive after drinking to avoid the hassle. Remove temptation entirely by handing off your keys to a responsible party.

Put Your Cell Phone Away

If you think you’re going to be too tempted to glance at your phone while you drive, put it in the backseat or in the glove compartment where you can’t reach it. Distraction doesn’t just come in the form of making texts and calls; you’re just as distracted reading a text or dialing a number.

If you do have to make a call, it’s still legal in Missouri and Kansas for adult drivers to make a call, though some other states do prohibit handheld cell phone use. But that’s no excuse for giving your dividing your attention between the road and the phone.

There’s no text or phone call that can’t wait until after you’ve reached your destination. If a phone call or a message is that important, then you should probably pull over and give it your full attention.

It’s Not Just Texts and Phone Calls

Keep in mind that distractions aren’t limited to your cell phone. Kids making a racket in the backseat, sneaking in an on-the-go breakfast during your commute, fiddling with the radio, iPod or CD player — they’re all things that take your attention away from the road.

The better you can prepare for your drive, the more you can avoid distractions. If you’re taking a road trip, plan plenty of activities and breaks for your kids. Get up 10 minutes earlier and enjoy your breakfast at home. Load up your tunes or podcasts before you hit the road. You can’t plan for everything, of course, but the more prepared you are, the less distracted you’ll be.

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