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Expungement Lawyer: Why You Need One.

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An Expungement lawyer can help WIPE YOUR SLATE CLEAN. Did you know that most prior convictions can be removed from your record? That’s right, with the help of an expungement most prior convictions can be expunged after a specific period of time.

If you live in the Overland Park or Kansas City metro area and are ready to have your prior convictions expunged, give The Grover Law Firm a call. Mark Grover and his award-winning law practice to see if you qualify to apply for an expungement.

Mark Grover and his team have extensive expungement experience in local courts in Kansas and Missouri. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in those states, Grover Law Firm can help you resolve your case!

Who Should Get an Expungement?

An expungement lawyer can help remove criminal convictions from your record. If you have a criminal conviction expunged from your record, information about your past cannot be disclosed anymore unless certain exceptions apply. For example, if you’re applying for a job you would no longer be required to disclose a prior drug conviction. It’s important to note, however, that expungements do not remove your prior convictions for law-enforcement purposes.

What Types of Offenses Cannot Be Expunged?

Not every criminal offense can be expunged from your record, though. Here is a list of criminal offenses that can never be expunged from your record.

  • Class A felonies

  • Dangerous felonies

  • Offenses that require you to register as a sex offender

  • Any crime where death is an element

What’s the Expungement Process Like?

First, a proper petition for expungement must be submitted to the Office of the District Attorney. This petition must include certain language and information and must be accompanied with a filing fee. Grover Law has extensive experience in filing the proper petition for expungement and the filing fee.

The District Attorney’s office will review your petition, which can take several months. Once this petition is reviewed, you will be notified if the DA’s office agrees that you deserve an expungement.

If the DA’s office does not agree that an expungement is appropriate in your case, you can request a hearing in front of the Judge. At this hearing, it’s important to be prepared to answer questions from the presiding Judge, as well as to show the Judge why you deserve an expungement.

Mark Grover and his award-winning team law practice is the expungement lawyer of choice for both Kansas City and Overland Park. Contact us today to learn more about how filing an expungement petition may be the right decision for your individual situation.