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Don’t Test the Luck of The Irish

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The month of March always brings lots of festivities to the Kansas City area. This year is no exception with the Big 12 Tournament and St. Patrick’s Day activities providing plenty of opportunity for lots of rowdy crowds, selfish, and of course, beer.

And each year some unlucky party-goers’ festive green can quickly become out-shined by the flashing red and blue of a cop car as the police take to the streets in full force in attempts to patrol for potential offenders. You’ll need more than the luck of the Irish to keep you away from the police this weekend in Kansas City.

The Kansas City Star reports that in light of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, the area police “will be looking aggressively for drunken drivers.” Overland Park police publicized that they will be conducting a saturation patrol spanning all the way from 10 p.m. Friday until 2 a.m. Saturday. A saturation patrol simply means the police presence on the streets will dramatically increase during that time span. In attempts to encourage people to find designated drivers, the police are cracking down this weekend to remind drivers: “Drive sober or get pulled over.” And we at Grover Law Firm, want to remind you: “If you get pulled over, you better call Grover.”

A police checkpoint isn’t restricted to catching people for alcohol-related offenses. Citations for driving on a suspended license are also commonly handed out in DUI checkpoints. Being charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license can result in the loss of your driving privileges; result in significant fines, and even jail time. In Kansas, this conviction carries a minimum mandatory five days in jail and can cause further suspension of your driving privileges. In Missouri, you could face jail time and additional loss of license as well.

Attorney Mark Grover stays up-to-date the latest tactics and issues through ongoing training classes and seminars. Moreover, Mark Grover is a member of the nationally recognized and prestigious National College for DUI Defense. He has recently completed the National College of DUI Defense’s signature program conducted at Harvard Law School and continues to stay involved in their research and seminars.

If you’re headed to the Sprint Center or a sports bar in the Power and Light district to watch the Big 12 Tournament, or dawning your Irish green and heading downtown for the holiday celebration, please make sure you have a designated driver before you even leave your house.

Tip: save the phone number for a taxi service in your cell phone before you leave your house so that you have easy access to a sober driver if it becomes necessary.

This weekend, don’t forget to buckle up, call a designated driver, and (when you’re not wearing you favorite Big 12 team’s colors), wear green!

Get DUI Help from Grover Law Firm If you’ve been charged with DUI, our professional attorneys at Grover Law Firm in Kansas City can help. In order to avoid significant fines, revocation of driving privileges or even jail time, it is essential to contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible after being charged.

You should never drink and drive, but if you do find yourself facing DUI charges, give us a call immediately or visit our website to request more information. We’ll do everything we can to ensure the best outcome for your case — and your life.