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4 Things to Know if You’re Facing a DUI or MIP

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Nobody is perfect, and we all have our moments of unfortunate judgment. If you made some poor decisions over the holiday weekend and are now facing a DUI or an MIP, here’s what you need to know.

#1: An alcohol-related charge is NOT a conviction

Just because you’ve been charged with DUI or MIP does not mean you’ve been convicted. Even with evidence such as blood alcohol content above the legal limit, it is still possible to strike a plea deal, negotiate a diversion whereby a conviction does not occur or even have the case dismissed, so don’t give up hope.

#2: Contact an experienced DUI/MIP lawyer right away

Your best shot at fighting a DUI or MIP charge is to get an experienced lawyer on the case right away. A lawyer can examine the details of your case, including your arrest record, and determine the best line of defense for your specific situation.

#3: Mum’s the Word

With the exception of your lawyer, be careful about the people to whom you reveal details of your case. Whether it’s the prosecutor asking you questions or a casual conversation with a friend, things you say could be used against you in court, and your friends and family could even be called as witnesses against you.

#4: Stick to the Rules

If your license has been suspended, then don’t drive, no matter how inconvenient. Don’t go out drinking, and don’t be out in an environment where it could appear that you are. If you think your behavior could be seen as questionable, then avoid engaging in that behavior. Follow the rules to a T so you can have the best chance at proving you’re a responsible citizen.

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