2014 November


How to Stay Safe While Scoring Deals on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is upon us this week, and that means it’s almost time for Black Friday!  After stuffing yourself with stuffing, if you’re bundling up and heading out to do some shopping, make sure you follow these safety tips to ensure your Black Friday experience is both safe and productive.


The Financial Reasons to Sue for Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies unexpectedly in an accident, dealing with funeral arrangements, medical bills and inheritance on top of grief can be overwhelming.  It may not even occur to many people in such a situation to sue for wrongful death, but it’s important that the option is considered.  Here’s why.


What You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Claims

When it comes to staying safe on the road, there’s a lot you can do to improve your odds.  But the unfortunate truth is, we all take a small risk on when we get behind the wheel of our cars.  If a family member has recently died in a car accident at the fault of someone else, it may be appropriate to file a wrongful death claim.  Read on to find out what you need to know.